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STAYCOOL Breath Sprays are the best tasting, healthiest and fastest growing Premium Breath Freshener Sprays in UK, Europe, Middle East and Asia!

Traditional “Breath Sprays" have always lacked the taste quality, flavour variety, ingredients and stylish image profile to make them an attractive alternative fresh breath & oral hygiene solution. 

However, whilst consumers choose to chew gum or mints, there are obvious disadvantages such as:

  • Lack of an effective antibacterial agent or oral hygiene formulation
  • Short duration of flavour/taste
  • Rude, unprofessional & an unattractive social habit
  • Bad for the digestion system due to chewing creating an overproduction of stomach acid resulting in excess bloating & gas. 
  • Sugar content

Consumers today desire convenient, trendier & better for you products! Our goal was to re-invent the spray deliver system and introduce an innovative product to add value to consumer’s lifestyles.

At the end of 2015, after 2 years of research and development, STAYCOOL was launched!

STAYCOOL is now enjoyed in over 25 Countries Worldwide and is available across globally renowned retailers from Supermarkets, Convenience, Pharmacy, Drug and Travel Retail Stores. Our brand is trusted by millions of consumers and has served, as a preferred way to meet their refreshment needs and oral hygiene benefits on-the-go! 

Healthiest Ingredient Profile, Premium Packaging, Flavour Choices & Quality Formulation!

  • STAYCOOL is alcohol free, sugar free & fat free.
  • STAYCOOL is vegan friendly
  • STAYCOOL uses natural flavours such as natural peppermint oil, natural spearmint oil, natural cardamom oil and natural menthol across the range.
  • STAYCOOL uses Cetylpyridinium Chloride (CPC) a clinically proven antibacterial agent, in all of its formulation. CPC is proven for eliminating odours, germs and also protective against dental plaque and reducing gingivitis.
  • STAYCOOL uses the highest quality flavour oil and produced with the perfect balance of flavour oil and natural mint to ensure a delicious "non medicinal" taste is achieved with long lasting refreshment.
  • STAYCOOL is designed in stylish aluminium making it an ideal lifestyle product and perfect addition for any suit pocket, handbag, desk or car compartment! 
  • STAYCOOL is available in 7 Flavours to suit multiple taste preferences!
  • STAYCOOL delivers twice the dosage per pump than a regular spray so it’s even faster at achieving ultimate fresh breath confidence!
  • All products are Made in the UK to the highest quality standards in ISO and GMP Accredited Facilities and registered with the European Cosmetics Notification Portal and US FDA

Discover your favourite flavour today!

Cool Mint, Spearmint, Watermelon - 3 Pack

Strong and effective against lingering mouth odours Contains Cetylpyridinium Chloride (CPC) - a clinically proven antimicrobial agent to eliminate 99.9% of germs and bacteria  CPC is effective against dental plaque and gingivitis  Helps remove the bitterness taste caused by Acid Reflux Beneficial for those suffering from Keto Breath Ideal to use on-the-go...

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